Tahmoor Coking Coal makes big changes to mine plan in response to community feedback

News > 24th December, 2020
  • Longwall mining directly below Bargo township now largely removed
  • Installation of the new advanced water treatment plant to serve existing operations as well as planned Tahmoor South Project
  • Removed or significantly reduced the impact on native vegetation and water resources

Tahmoor Coal, part of the GFG Alliance, today announced a substantially revised mine plan for the proposed Tahmoor South Project in response to feedback received from community and government following a public display and consultation process.

Tahmoor South will secure 400 jobs by extending operations of the Tahmoor Coal operation for a further 10 years until 2032. Tahmoor Coal is currently a significant employer in the Wollondilly Shire having operated in the area for over 40 years.

Significant reductions in subsidence effects have been achieved by removing two longwalls from the proposed plan that were to be located near the Bargo township. Additionally, the mine intends to install the new advanced water treatment plant as soon as possible to further improve the quality of the water released from the mine.

These changes have addressed community feedback, with the removal of the two longwalls reducing the number of dwellings mined beneath by over 80%1 and reducing the land impacts associated with extensions of the Reject Emplacement Area footprint from 43 hectares to zero.

These proposed major environmental protection improvements have been achieved whilst maintaining the significant economic benefits that the mine extension can deliver over its 10 years of extended operations, including:

  • Continued employment for 400 employees with hundreds more jobs indirectly secured
  • A net economic benefit of $664.9 million in net present value (NPV2) terms, including:
    • $137.5 million to the local shire in NPV terms, with $32.5 million in NPV terms, expected to be spent with local suppliers
    • $4.7 million in NPV terms, in council rates

Additionally, the mine will continue to participate in important community initiatives such as Love the Dilly, and continue its strong partnerships with local schools, businesses and sporting teams where possible.

Without approval of the proposed Tahmoor South extension later this year, the Tahmoor mine’s substantial contributions to the local and state economy and its important place as a major source of local employment over the last 40 years will come to end when the existing Tahmoor North operations cease production within the next 18 months.

Tahmoor Coal General Manager Peter Vale said: “We appreciate the time the community has taken to share their feedback with us and we understand we have an obligation to make sure the mine delivers the best possible outcome for the community.

“Despite the improved outcomes from the changes to the mine plan, and substantial reduction in homes to be mined beneath, if a home owner was to experience subsidence effects to their home or water resources such as bores, they would be made good in accordance with the NSW regulator’s requirements.

“While these changes have reduced the commercial outcomes of the mine that were originally hoped for, we are confident the revised plan will contribute significantly to regional stability over the next decade,” Peter said.

The amendment to the development application to provide for the revised plan has been lodged with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) for its consideration.

Key Project Benefits

  • Continued employment for 400 employees over a 10-year period.
  • Creation of over 170 new jobs during a two-year construction phase.
  • Net economic benefit of $100.3 million in NPV terms to the workforce residing in the Wollondilly Shire Local Government Area.
  • Annual contributions to support local community groups, programs and projects.
  • The premium quality coking coal produced from Tahmoor is a critical input for the manufacture of economically important, high-grade steel products at Port Kembla, Whyalla and international markets.

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