Responsible operations

We understand the importance of responsible environmental management and work hard to carefully manage the impact of our operations. We are committed to protecting natural resources including water, air and biodiversity aspects as well as the surrounding ecosystems.

Our vision is to have a positive impact on our community, economy and environment by openly engaging our employees and stakeholders and delivering on our commitments.

Environmental Protection Licence (EPL)

Licence Holder: Tahmoor Coal Pty Ltd
Site Address: Tahmoor Colliery Remembrance Drive, Tahmoor, NSW, 2573
EPL Number: 1389

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Thirlmere Lakes water research

Between 2012 and 2017, University of New South Wales researchers have been answering the community question: “Where has the water gone in Thirlmere Lakes?”

Embedded below and available for download is a summary of the research.

For a full overview of the research, visit the NSW Department of Planning and the Environment website.

Download the research brochure