Sanjeev visits fire-affected Bargo and Tahmoor

News > 1st January, 2020

When catastrophic bushfires affected GFG Alliance facilities south of Sydney, our Chairman, Sanjeev Gupta, wasted no time in showing his support.

On Christmas Eve 2019, GFG Chairman Sanjeev Gupta and his wife, Nicola, visited the bushfire-affected towns of Bargo and Tahmoor in the Wollondilly Shire south of Sydney, Australia. Their aim was show support for the local community, which had been devastated by severe bushfires in the previous days. The Alliance’s coking coal mine, located south of Tahmoor, was impacted by the fires, however, it lost no critical infrastructure.’

“It was a sobering moment to witness the aftermath of the fires and their impact on local communities,” says Sanjeev. “But, in a display of true human spirit, everyone came together to support emergency services and to help those who lost their homes and property. I can’t thank the emergency services teams enough for their tremendous work under extreme conditions, as well as local volunteers supporting the bushfire efforts.”

The experience motivated Sanjeev to donate $250,000 to the Wollondilly Mayoral Fund to assist in the rebuild of the community and to establish the global GFG Alliance Bushfire Relief Appeal.

To date, the appeal has raised over $300,000 in matched funds, with these distributed through the GFG Foundation. Beneficiaries have included leading charities and community-based organisations in bushfire affected areas, helping to assist those in need as they work through the recovery process.

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