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Mine crews out and about completing much-needed projects

22 March 2024

From underground to above ground, SIMEC Mining’s Tahmoor Coking Coal workforce has been supporting the Wollondilly community.

During Tahmoor Coking Coal’s annual Mine Maintenance Shutdown, 38 members of the mine’s underground staff were out and about in the Wollondilly region to complete projects requested by local organisations.

Eight organisations including Tahmoor Uniting Community Garden, The Oaks Historical Society and Tahmoor Riding for the Disabled Association saw their projects completed over a two-day period in February.

It was nice to see our work have such a positive effect on local organisations

Graduate Mining Engineer, Abood Alshafee

One of the largest projects was the construction of a 30x20m mesh vegetable garden cover including full irrigation at the Tahmoor Uniting Community Garden.

The community garden is a volunteer-run project apart of the Church’s community outreach program which aims to involve Wollondilly locals outside of the church in community programs. The vegetables from the garden are sold at the local church markets every second Saturday of the month. The garden is also open to the public every Monday and Friday to purchase vegetables; any leftovers are donated to Wollondilly Anglican College who use the home-grown veggies to cook meals for those in need or in crisis situations.

Judith Wilson, garden Coordinator, expressed her appreciation for the hard work while explaining what it means for the non-profit organisation.

“It’s been great having the mine here, the work means we can grow our vegetables under the cover without cabbage moth, it’s great,” Judith said.

Graduate Mining Engineer, Abood Alshafee, who assisted at the garden project as well as maintenance at the Dingo Sanctuary in Bargo, enjoyed the experience of giving back to his community.

“It was a good opportunity to give back to our community and connect with the local area more,” Abood said.

“It was nice to see our work have such a positive effect on local organisations.”

Another volunteer, mine operator Daniel D’Aran agreed.

“It’s been great working for the community while the mine is shutdown, it gives us a chance to get out here and help where we can,” Daniel said.

Watch the video from the community project work

The Projects

Tahmoor Uniting Church:

  • Installation of drip irrigation system across entire garden
  • Digging of trenches for irrigation
  • Assembling poly irrigation components
  •  Installing framework for netting
  • Construct netted garden cover

Bargo Dingo Sanctuary

  • Fencing repair
  • Wire repair
  • Earth moving
  • Lawn maintenance

Riding for the Disabled Association

  • Installation of 42 metre fence with new gate
  • Installation of 3×3 metre concrete base with pipe rail and draining for horse wash bay
  • Installation of 21 metre concrete path around western and northern sides of clubhouse with pool-fencing to improve access and safety
  • Gutter cleaning

NSW Rail Museum

  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Plant new trees and shrubs
  • Mulching
  • Installation of 12 metre wooden sleeper retaining wall f Mini Train track
  • Organise, sort and restore critical spares for operation fleet

Wollondilly Pony Club

  • Cleaning of Clubhouse gutters
  • Removal of flooring and laying of new lino flooring in Clubhouse

Oaks Historical Society/Heritage Centre

  • Mulching
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Outdoor painting of eves and general maintenance

Australian Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Tree planting and landscaping
  • Assistance with relocating animal enclosures

Wollondilly Shire Council Nursery

  • Mulching
  • Litter removal
  • Maintenance and painting of park furniture

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